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Organo-Metallic Products

GWENT ELECTRONIC MATERIALS LTD. has developed a new range of precious and non-precious metal, metallo-organic products in which the organic ligand has been manufactured from synthetic based raw materials.

Existing materials on the market are based on naturally occurring products; these inevitably suffer from in-built variability. The use of the synthetic ligand gives our new systems greater stability, reproducibility and performance, compared to products that are currently available.

Our new and novel materials have been designed for the electronics and semiconductor industries where reproducibility and electrical performance are a prerequisite. However, they are also suitable for standard industrial and decorative applications as the substitution of the synthetic ligand produces only positive effects and does not detract from any of the normal properties associated with metallo-organic materials.

Products have been formulated, tried and approved by those working in the electronics, sensor, biosensor, semiconductor, industrial and decorative industries.

We can custom develop any precious or non precious metal organic system to suit customers' applications and specifications.

To date we have produced a range of products that are both precious metal and non precious metal containing.

These systems are available both in a pure form and also fully formulated with either frit containing or solution based reactive bonding mechanisms.

The above products are all notable by their stability, high solids content and extremely good batch to batch repeatability, compared to the existing products that are on the market.

The above metallo-organic materials have been tried in a large portion of our range of materials, designed for those devices and circuit types, previously mentioned in our brochure. The advantages of thin films and fine line definition are leading to their increased use in the newer high technology devices that are coming onto the market.

A new area that metallo-organic materials are being used in is in the semiconductor industry or interfacing with semiconductor devices. To suit this growing market a range of materials has been developed that can be applied by spin coating directly onto the surface of the Silicon.

LogoThe new metallo-organic materials further lead to areas of application that cannot be achieved easily using particulate inks amongst these is application by:

  • Ink Jet Printing.
  • Silicon Pad Transfer Printing.
  • Spin Coating.

GEM offers a wide range of products too numerous to list. Please contact us with your application needs.