Gwent Group
Advanced Materials systems

Contract Research

GEM Ltd. has the capability and expertise to build new products to exact customer specified requirements, or to suit individual processes. Our Company will be pleased to work in confidence with our individual customers to produce new and novel materials that are required for specific processes.

We have the Technical Capability and the experience to provide our customers with high quality services in the field of:

  • the development of pastes or inks
  • bespoke electrode design, prototyping and manufacture
  • custom biosensors development and manufacture in collaboration with AET Ltd.
  • bespoke sensor design, prototyping and manufacture
  • custom circuits and electroluminescent panels

The work can be of simple contracted research, or may with the appropriate contract involve disclosure of formulae. Additionally we can work together to reach a point where the Intellectual Property Rights may be signed over. We also take on contracted research to develop ranges of materials that may be passed over to customers so that they may manufacture and sell under their own names.

GEM and AET prides themselves on high standards and quality we have obtained ISO 9001:2000, ISO 13485: 2003 for the development, design and manufacture of medical devices and ISO TS 16494 standard for automotive industry.

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