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Reference Electrode Materials

All of our reference electrode materials are based on Silver/Silver Chloride powders. The pastes are supplied in various ratios of Ag/AgCl to meet specific customer’s needs for response and conductivity. A high temperature Silver/ Silver Chloride system is available on request.

Pseudo reference electrode materials made of carbon are also available for electrochemical sensors, please see our range of Carbon materials.

Please have a look through our range of Silver/ Silver Chloride pastes.

Product Code



Silver:Silver Chloride 60:40 - The most commonly used material for one shot disposable sensors


Silver:Silver Chloride 40:60 - This material is suitable for disposable and reusable sensors


Silver:Silver Chloride Paste 50:50 - This material is suitable for disposable and reusable sensors


Silver:Silver Chloride Paste 50:50 - This material is ready to use form at a viscosity suitable for automatic or semi-automatic screen printing.


Silver:Silver Chloride 60:40 - This material is useful for applications where the paste is on the screen for long periods of time


Silver:Silver Chloride Paste 60:40 - This material is suitable for application of medical diagnostics, DNA sensors; Lab on a chip 7 environmental sensors.


Silver:Silver Chloride Paste 80:20 - This product has improved wetting, with a lower contact angle


Silver:Silver Chloride Paste 90:10 - This material is specially designed to give good adhesion to ceramic substrtes. Suitable for medical diagnostics, environmental sensor and the 'agri-food' industries.

An overview on the types of binders used in these pastes is available here.

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