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Metallic Working Electrode Materials

This range of metallic and metal-coated carbon pastes include low and high temperature materials. An overview on the binders used to manufacture these pastes is available here.

Low temperature range of materials contains polymer based binders similar to the carbon working electrode pastes.

The high temperature materials are commonly used in flow through reusable sensors as used for blood gas analysis but they have a wide range of uses. They are often used when a low voltage or current needs to be measured, as they tend to have lower electronic noise than polymeric systems.

We offer a wide range of precious metal based printing systems which can be used for working, counter and/or reference electrodes.

Product Code



A platinum paste to be printed on to ceramic substrates and fired at high temperatures


A Platinum Polymer Paste; a version of C51002D6 for use with polymer substrate materials


A cross-linked Platinum Paste to be used as working electrode material with higher chemical resistance and suitable for flow injection systems; approved for medical applications


A platinum paste suitable for firing applications on electro-ceramic substrates and offers stable electrical properties on repeat firing.


A platinum paste offers advantages of low shrinkage and high adhesion to ceramic substrates.


A platinum paste with no inorganic addions and has good response to oxygen.


Gold Polymer Paste for screen printing on to polymer substrates


Gold Paste for high definition screen printing on to high temperature substrates i.e. alumina

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