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Advanced Materials systems

Conductor / Interconnect and Sensor Materials

GEM Ltd. can custom make any of the common conductor materials used in Interconnection Circuitry, to terminate electronic components, to form the electrode on a sensor device or to form an electrode on an inert material that will subsequently have a sensor matrix built upon it. Common conductors include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Silver Halide
  • Palladium Silver
  • Palladium
  • Platinum
  • Platinum Palladium Silver
  • Platinum Palladium Gold
  • Platinum Gold

As well as the above conductors we can offer the full range of dielectric materials to suit the above. Custom formulated resistors are available to customer specifications.

The most common application method for these materials is screen-printing but other application techniques can be specified.

The most usual substrate material that is specified is Alumina, however, we have formulated products for all the most commonly used substrates or sensor materials. These include Stainless Steel and the newer ceramic materials. Furthermore we have formulated products for the new high technology substrates that are coming on to the market. These include Aluminium Nitride and Metal Matrix Compounds.

GEM are developing a new range of Low Fire Materials. Using new advanced technology we have managed to reduce the firing temperature of metallic based pastes from a normal of 400 to 450°C to the range of 150 to 350°C. This new revolutionary type of system means that it is now additionally possible to fire onto polymeric rather than ceramic materials. Additionally these new materials with their extremely low firing temperature may be used to provide contact to/or circuits upon Aluminium metal.


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