Gwent Group
Advanced Materials systems

Firing dielectric Pastes

The product types fall into several distinct areas:

  • Our range of crossover dielectrics are specifically designed for use in the thick film technology area.
    These dielectrics are of the normal glass/ceramic oxide type which allows repeated firings with minimal reflow. Our materials are available that are specifically matched to all the common ceramic substrates. Materials are also available that are designed to be compatible with processing rLogoequired for base metal conductors.
  • A new range of materials are available that have been specifically designed to adhere to Stainless Steel. Two layer systems are available that produce the adhesion layer and the buffer layer. These materials are suitable for use as both heater bases and as substrates that may be used for electronic circuitry. A full range of complimentary conductor and sensor pastes are available to overprint on the dielectric pastes for Stainless Steel.
  • Specially formulated materials to suit individual customer requirements.

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