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Grant Aided Development

Past success of GEM Ltd.’s research can be seen in the six "SMART" awards, various "LINK" awards, several European Union funded grants and many other projects that the company has been intimately involved with to date. A list of grant aided projects with GEMLtd. as partner is in R&D section.

These combined with the many Scientific papers that have been published in conjunction with Students and Researchers at Universities, which are wholly or partially supported by our company is an indication of our commitment to develop new materials and techniologies. It is ourpolicy to support directly from it’s own funds University research that will ensure that our company has access to the very latest technology in it’s areas of expertise.

The Company's mission is to remain leader in the provisions of new materials for our sector industry hence we are constantly developing new and novel materials or devices through the grant aided projects and internal financement.

Should you have any ideas that you would like to share with us please contact us using the Online Form or email direct to