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Carbon Working Electrode Materials

We supply a wide range of carbon-graphite working electrodes for all forms of electrochemical analysis including chrono-amperometry and potentiometric methods.

A number of key electrochemical and surface properties can be customized to requirements.

All our carbon working electrode materials have polymeric binders.

Our range of materials is split into two categories - thermoset or cross linked polymers and thermoplastic systems.

An overview on polymer materials is available here.

Unmediated Carbons

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Our standard large scale printing product offers the best compromise between electrochemical and printing performance.


This material offers low resistance and low drying temperature.


This material offers very good definition on printing and low CV%.


This material offers excellent electrochemical performance with good reversibility when using cyclic voltammetry.


This material offers both a fine line and fast drying advantages.


This material is low viscosity version of C2030519P4.


This material offers both a fine line and fast drying advantages.

Mediated carbons

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This product contains Prussian Blue mediator and is suitable for H2O2 detection by flow injection analysis at potentials around 0V vs. AgAgCl. Material suitable for biosensors using enzymes generating H2O2 as a reaction product.


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