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Advanced Materials systems

Automotive Glass Conductors

These systems are all manufactured to customer specifications.

Each glass plant has its own specific requirements. With the details of the furnace conditions and the electrical requirements of the screen we can provide the exact materials for the customer.Logo

Our new materials all contain special additives to give an enhanced second surface colour that is now required by the automotive industry.

They include:

  • A Silver system consisting of two parts. These can be blended together giving a range of sheet resistivities from approximately 2.8 milliohms/square to 20 milliohms/square. Typical silver pastes for this application are at 80% Ag and at 55% Ag.
  • A three member system. The resistance's of the individual parts are 2.8, 4.5 and 20 milliohms/square. The mid range value is designed to fulfil the majority of line resistance requirements.
Where lower or higher values are required, an admixture of the appropriate members will achieve the desired Resistivity.
  • A two part system which is designed to be electroplatable by standard electroplating techniques.
  • Systems designed for laminating processes
  • Systems designed to contact vapour deposited transparent films.

All systems are designed to be printed over ceramic blacks.

  • New base metal conductor tracks are currently under investigation as a result of the Department of Trade and Industry SMART project that we were awarded. Please contact us for details about this work.


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