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Advanced Materials systems

October 2016

Sun Chemical and the DIC Corporation Acquire Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd

The shareholdings of Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd, Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd, Gwent Sensors, Gwent Biotechnology Systems Ltd, and LRH Ltd have been acquired by Sun Chemical and its parent company, the DIC Corporation.

Our group considers this an exciting opportunity to offer our wider range of products to customers globally. The synergistic effect of working with a company which is already heavily involved in the electronic materials market will be mutually beneficial. Gwent will expand rapidly as now being able to access Sun Chemical and DIC's wide range of basic raw materials, dedicated facilities, and larger scale manufacturing plants. In addition, development of new products will be much faster than utilising only our own resources which is what we are currently doing.

The existing directors will continue to work for Gwent so that all advantages of being part of a larger group can be realised. The facility in South Wales will continue to operate as it currently does. To this effect, we have a long-term lease upon the development and manufacturing site that we currently operate from.

We emphasise there will be no changes in the point of contact for any of our customers and distributors; all will continue as at present. Product will continue to be supplied from our Pontypool factory under our quality systems for medical products of ISO 13485 and for automotive products of ISO 16949.

With regards to the Sun Group and its parent company, the DIC Corporation

Sun Chemical, a member of the DIC group, is a leading producer of printing inks, coatings and supplies, pigments, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds, and application materials. Together with DIC, Sun Chemical has annual sales of more than $7.5 billion and over 20,000 employees, supporting customers around the world.
Sun Chemical Corporation is a subsidiary of Sun Chemical Group Coöperatief U.A., The Netherlands, and is headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey, U.S.A. For more information on our new owners please visit the website at




Originally founded as Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd.

A company founded in 1988 with the object of manufacturing materials for the electronics and associated industries. Products are manufactured directly for individual customers and are tailored to suit specific processes. Since its founding GEM Ltd. has grown to become a major supplier of paste and ink to industry. The current capability of the production facility is in the region of 100,000.00 to 200,000.00 Kg of paste per year. All pastes can be made in our own designed, latest fully computer controlled dispersion equipment. This is coupled with an extensive range of testing and analysis equipment to ensure that our products meet the highest standards.
Our company makes mostly inks and pastes, so that other companies can produce the components, biosensors, sensors, circuit boards, etc.
In general terms we seek out the Manufactures of Sensors, Biosensors, Electronic components, and other users of conductive inks.

For our conductive inks we use the full range of precious metals (Silver, Gold, Silver/Chloride, Palladium, Platinum, etc.) and non-precious metals (Carbon, etc.).
We are particularly interested in Biosensors and PTC components, Electroluminescent Materials, also PZT multi-layer parts for actuator or automotive use; these are the areas that we are promoting heavily in Europe.

Our company also prefer to work closely with companies to make and/or develop new materials with them. We do not have a "Standard Range" of products as such and can produce for our customers what materials they wish. The advantage of this is that products are turned specifically to our customers manufacturing plant.

We seek new companies to work with primarily to form long-term relationships..

We do not consider ourselves a low cost supplier. We can provide quality products designed specifically for the consumer application.

The product range that GEM Ltd. covers include conductor pastes that may contain precious metal or non-precious metal, for all forms of substrates, passive or active components; dielectric pastes for all forms of substrates, passive or active components; polymer based pastes for all forms of substrates both precious metal containing and non-precious metal containing; pastes for sensors, industrial, automotive and biosensors; pastes for all forms of passive components. GEM Ltd. also has a complete range of a new type of synthetic metallo-organic materials for the electronics industries and for decorative applications, on the full range of substrates or materials.

Another new range of materials is for the electroluminescent market. A silver based paste to contact onto ITO coated polymer film. A highly conductive carbon paste to act as the other electrode. This can be complemented with a silver layer for larger panels. Dielectric and phosphor pastes are also available for high brightness and long life panels.

GEM has developed a range of Materials suitable for application by ink jet equipment this product range includes conductive as well as insulative inks. Using our special technology we can produce both: low temperature inks for polymer substrates and high temperature inks for firing onto ceramic substrates.

These are only a few of the extensive range of materials that is available from Gwent.

The Company operates to benefit our customers in a number of ways: -

Provision of materials to exact customer specifications.
Matching of product to process by joint collaboration and sampling.
Contract research to build new products to exact specified requirements or to suit individual processes. This service includes the development of pastes or inks; the screen-printing of electrode systems for customers for evaluation or production; the assistance in design of plant and production systems.
Provision of industry standard materials.

A One Stop Shop for Materials

The enzyme stabilisation department has core expertise in protein stabilisation. Application of our expertise and patented technology has resulted in the stabilisation of over 50 proteins to date with a wide range of industrial applications. Many technologies are being replaced by more "green "enzymatic processes, hence the interest from the biosensor, pharmaceutical, environmental and household product industries in our stabilisation processes.

Stabilisation Products & Services

The Enzyme & Protein stabilisation department can manufacture bulk quantities (up 100s of litres) of stabiliser formulations.

Due to the synergy of the two technolgies, the company is in the unique position to be able to offer the in-house development of electronic and enzymatic components of biosensors.

The company carries out contract research for clients with protein stability problems for specific applications.

We possess the ability to increase the shelf life and operational stability of enzymes and antibodies both in solution and in the dry state. We carry out contract research for clients with protein stability problems. Furthermore we provide these stabiliser & formulations in bulk quantities.

Our technology has been used in the following industries where the stability of enzymes/antibodies is essential:
Diagnostic industry for stabilising antibodies components.
Biosensor industry where we have stabilised and immobilised proteins at sensor surfaces.