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SunChemical has produced a range of biosensors, aimed towards the agricultural market. The biosensors are designed to work with the SunChemical Potentiostat and the appropriate android application.

The android application is supplied on a preloaded tablet. Each biosensor works with its own unique application.

Features Include:

  • Step-by-step on screen guidance
  • Bluetooth connectivity between tablet and potentiostat, making the device portable and easy to handle
  • Data storage of tests, including a date-stamp and personalised sample labelling, onto the tablet. Easily transferred to a PC
  • Self sensor calibration carried out with QR-code scanning, using the tablet’s front camera. Avoiding the user from carrying out calibrations and saving time
  • Progress bar, showing the overall status of the measurement
  • The software can be modified to display the data in the units desired by the user (modification of software carried out by SunChemical).


We offer a selection of biosensors, ideal for the agri-food market and environmental analysis.



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