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SunSense Enzymes

The enzymes are biological catalysts used in a wide range of applications, as the detection of analytes using a biosensor, and the manufacture of products.

The stability of an enzyme is critical when we work at extreme values of pH and temperature. In other words, the stabilized enzyme might work there when the unstabilised form doesn’t, being the difference between a prototype and a viable product.

This stability is reached through mixing the enzyme with a formula that includes polymers and polyalcohols at the appropriate percentage, forming complexes that gives high activity values for a long period of time and extreme conditions.

Through investigation, Sun Chemical has found the appropriate formula for several enzymes. You can check the whole list of stabilised enzymes here.

The list is still growing, so in case your enzyme is not on the list, Sun Chemical also provides a contract research service. Details of this service can be found here.