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SunSense Stabilised Enzymes

By using our in-depth experience and knowledge, We offer a service, by contract research, into stabilising our customers particular enzyme, protein or antibody.

Our research is focused on identifying the correct stabiliser for individual proteins. A series of accelerated tests (37°C) are carried out, with different formulations and checked optically for the enzymes activity after at least 4 months.

Our experience in this research technique has led to the generation of stable enzyme formulations. However, contract research can also investigate stabilised systems related to contaminants, immobilisation techniques, drying techniques, the development of new biosensors, lowering the limit of detection of a sensor and many more options.

We provide an itemized Gantt chart, before starting the research, that details work and materials required. We then produce a comprehensive report, when the research is completed, explaining method we used, the results and our conclusions.

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