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SunSense Rapid Stabilisation Screening Services

We possess the expertise to stabilise any protein or enzyme, in either the wet, dry or immobilised states. Our screening service combines our wealth of scientific expertise with the latest technology to enable rapid and detailed screening of the vast polymer/polyalcohol library we have at our disposal.

The following steps will be followed to ensure the successful screening of your protein:

  1. An initial enzyme assay troubleshooting service will be used to design the optimum assay conditions for your enzyme, including the design of novel enzyme assays if required.

  2. A preliminary stabiliser screen will determine the optimal stabiliser combination required to increase the stability of your product.

  3. A detailed optimisation of the stabilisation formulation which best suits your product.

    The parameters investigated will include:
    • Choice of optimal stabiliser concentration.
    • Optimal buffer.
    • Optimal ionic strength of chosen buffer
    • Optimal pH.
    • Any unique additives required for improved stabilisation of the protein under investigation.
The more detailed determination of optimal stabiliser concentration is achieved using a combination of analytical techniques. These include standard and novel enzyme activity assays using factorial experimental protocols, specially designed for rapid throughput with the latest plate reading technology. A combination of agarose gel electrophoresis and high resolution isoelectric focusing are also employed to determine the exact point at which protein/stabiliser interactions no longer convey any improved enzyme activity. Rss testing equipment
  1. Finally, we will provide you, the client, a complete and detailed breakdown of our findings in an easily interpretable package. The screening protocol is highly standardised and contains built in quality control checks at all stages in the process, from experimental design to data analysis.

To get the most benefit from our stabilisation screening service, we recommend that an initial screen, duration 10 days. The requirement for more detailed screening can be discussed at this point.

For more information on our stabilisation service and how we can help you with your specific requirements, please contact our team using our Online Form or email direct to