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Platform Technologies

Protein Stabilisation Technology

This is the core technology of AET Ltd. Enzymes, antibodies and pharmaceutical proteins have been stabilised to thermal, chemical and proteolytic degradation after processing. This methodology involves the modification of the protein microenvironment, which essentially leaves protein structure unaltered while preserving high biological activity. Enzyme preparations have been successfully dehydrated by lyophilisation or air drying routes while retaining high activity. Solution stabilisation of enzymes and antibody conjugates has also been successfully demonstrated. AET provides these services for a number of different enzyme systems, with the capacity to apply this technology to a multitude of putatively useful enzyme targets.


Novel Biosensors

Stabilisation of biomolecules used to produce specific responses in biosensors is a highly specialised area of protein stabilisation. AET has been particularly successful in technology transfer from experimental results to commercially available devices, by improving the stability of an enzyme system.


Biocatalysis and the PolyEnz™ Process

The basis of the PolyEnz process involves the immobilisation of pre-stabilised enzymes. This process has been developed to produce stabilised biocatalysts for biosynthetic processes, biodegradation and waste treatment systems, as well as the biotransformation and production of drugs and their precursors.


Formulation Troubleshooting

The area of formulation, whether applied specifically to a protein drug, an assay, a diagnostic reagent or a traditional pharmaceutical, is an area involving specialised knowledge of interactions occurring in solution or dehydrated preparations. AET possesses a wealth of experience in this field. As well as providing a world-wide service to assist in formulations, we test the stability of the interim and final products produced.