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SunSense formulation troubleshooting

  • Several licences to the patented technology, with marketed products from third parties and products under development
  • A stabilised acetylcholinesterase product being developed towards commercial release
  • Several successful feasibility studies carried out on a variety of proteins
  • Proven stabilisation of over 30 different enzymes
  • Development of the PolyEnz™ Process for stabilised biocatalysts

We have commercial know-how developed over the last 25 years that has been found to be useful in the area of pharmaceutical formulation. The experience of the company has enabled several problems associated with formulation to be identified ans successfully overcome for third party contractors.

Formulation troubleshooting includes:

  • Development of rapid, simple assay protocols where possible (standard assay conditions for recombinant enzyme based pharmaceuticals have already been completed)
  • Development of formulations to solve problems encoutered during development (e.g. solubility problems, stability changes due to scale up to commercial levels, inactivation on dilutaion)
  • Formulations for storage or shelf-stability increases
  • Formulations for lyophilisation
  • Identification and removal of incompatibilities in formulations (e.g. inactivation of proteins by the buffer system used, incompatibility of excipient with the active involved)

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