Gwent Group
Advanced Materials systems

Areas for Potential Collaboration

Protein and Enzyme Stabilisation

Co-development of stabilised protein and enzyme systems for product enablement
Diagnostic development and stabilisation of protein /enzyme reagents, including antibodies and conjugates
Feasibility studies for stabilisation of new proteins
High activity dehydrated proteins and enzymes

Protein and Peptide Therapeutics

Formulation troubleshooting to identify the optimal formulation for specific therapeutics
Stabilisation of proteins and peptides
Development of delivery systems for stabilised drugs
Carrier proteins or adjuvants for peptide vaccines

Biocatalysts and Immobilised Systems

Development of stabilised biocatalysts
PolyEnz Process
Immobilisation systems


Development of stabilised biosensors
Design of stabilisation systems for biomolecules used in biosensors
Biomimetic sensors
Immobilisation procedures for biosensors

Other Applications

Stabilisation of cells
Stabilisation of enzymes in foodstuffs and beverages
Stabilisation of enzymes in waste treatment and bioremediation
Stabilisation of enzymes in animal feeds.