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The Company

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd (AET) is a company with core expertise in protein stabilisation. Application of our expertise and patented technology has resulted in the successful stabilisation of many enzymes spanning a wide variety of applications. Our research and development programme continues to generate and characterise novel tools for the stabilisation of labile enzymes of interest in many different industries including the pharmaceutical and environmental industries.

AET has licensed its stabilisation technology into companies world-wide including Amersham Pharmacia Biotech AB, Yellow Springs Instruments Inc, Biocatalysts Ltd., Symbollon Inc. and Capital Controls Ltd.

Applied Enzyme Technology Ltd. was established in 1994 to exploit a portfolio of intellectual property generated from research programmes initiated in the School of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the University of Leeds.

Gwent group company building

AET was granted a SMART 1 Award from the Department of Trade and Industry in 1995 to develop enzyme based kits with novel dye detection systems. As a straight follow on from the 1st SMART award, a second stage SMART 2 grant was won in 1996 to extend the range of enzyme stabilisation systems.

In 1996 AET was invited to participate as a full partner in an EU funded project, and since then has been involved in 4 subsequent EU funded projects and one as project Co-ordinator. The latest involvement being as a subcontractor on a project that started at the beginning of 2001.



In June 2001 a leading electronic sensor materials company, Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd., part of Gwent Group, invested heavily in AET and as a consequence AET relocated near Cardiff in South Wales. AET now runs as an independent subsidiary of Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd. where our core business remains the same.

The synergy between the two companies brings together the expertise in enzyme stabilisation of AET and the expertise in the design and production of specialist electronic sensor materials attached to Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd. Gwent Sensors Ltd., another company within Gwent Group, specialises in development of disposable sensor technology. With access to all the above technology, all 3 companies are in the in the unique position to be able to offer a “1 Stop Shop” for the development and production of biosensors. This has been taken one step further, as Gwent Group can now provide the complete biosensor package including specialised instrumentation due to close collaboration with specialist instrumentation development companies.

Company Objectives

The mission of AET is to build a successful, growing, profitable business, based upon its expertise in the field of protein biotechnology. The aims of the company are two fold:

  • To be the leading company world-wide in the field of protein stabilisation technology
  • To create a “1 Stop Shop” for the development and production of stabilised biosensors

To achieve these aims AET has ambitious plans for the development of its technology and for the growth of its business. This is further enhanced by the obvious synergy with its sister companies Gwent Electronic Materials Ltd. and Gwent Sensors Ltd.